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Saygıdeğer müşterilerimiz, sizlerden gelen yoğun istek ve talep üzerine artık MeatUPP olarak tüm HOLLANDA geneli KAPI TESLİMİ sipariş almaya başladık.


2023 yılında Eindhoven'da başladık, lezzet ve kaliteyi buluşturarak et sektöründe bir adım attık. Misafirlerimize en taze ve en kaliteli et ürünlerini sunmayı kendimize misyon edindik.

Müşteri memnuniyeti ve güven bizim için en önemli değerlerdendir. Ekip olarak, en kaliteli ürünleri sunmak ve her müşterimizin beklentilerini aşmak için çalışıyoruz.

Sizden Gelenler

Great assortment of beef, lamb and chicken cuts. Also, for the olive lovers: you’ll find yourself with good olive selection and spreads. I personally liked the spreads, I bought the red beet hummus, the yoghurt cream
cheese spread but the roasted aubergine spread was definitely the favorite
one!! My guests and I liked this one best! I received many compliments on the
freshness and flavor. I hope they can do more spreads and hapjes.

The cleanliness of this place was superb. Keep the good job team Meat Upp!

Ingrid Elvir Oyuela

My husband and I went to buy some beef, lamb and chicken. We also bought olives and butter. What to say? The shop
is great and the people who work there are very friendly and kind. Another important point is that everything was extremely clean and well cared. Other butcher shops are not the same... Really bravo for that. We have tried to buy
good quality meat in the city since we moved to Eindhoven and definitely this
place is one of the best so far. Meat was delicious! We are coming back soon :) Totally recommended!

Virginia Hiciano

Great butcher, definitely in my
top-3 in Eindhoven. It is not a big place, but still they have lots of options in a clean view. It is even open on Sunday, that is another plus for me. Staff was also very friendly.

I hope they continue to grow more and become even better with new products.

yunus baykal

A beautiful store with good
products! You will be helped very well. It's neat and clean. Fresh, sufficient choice, affordable and "new flavors" that the Dutch butcher does not have ;-). The quality is really good! This store is also recommended for BBQ
enthusiasts. Today, in addition to the meat, I also bought the grilled olives, which are really tasty. Sometimes you may have to search for words to
understand each other, but it always works out and it makes it fun to shop here.