About us

Meat Upp, the Address of Taste and Trust

We started in Eindhoven in 2023 and took a step into the meat industry by combining taste and quality. We have made it our mission to offer halal, fresh and quality meat products to our customers.

Customer satisfaction and trust are our most important goals. As a team, we work to provide quality products and meet the expectations of each of our customers.

Local Connections, Global Flavors

We closely follow the premium meat market in the Netherlands and also worldwide meat trends. We work with our own local suppliers to offer fresh and delicious products to our customers.

Sustainability and Quality

Sustainability is also an issue we attach importance to. We constantly work to achieve the best standards in both environmental and quality terms. We not only seek good quality in our products, but are also sensitive about protecting natural resources.

R&D and Innovation Focused Approach

We have a constantly evolving and innovative perspective. We attach great importance to R&D studies and focus on constantly improving our product range by using the latest technologies and methods in the industry.

What's in Our Product Portfolio?

All our meat is halal certified. We also have grainfed steak group meat that we bring from countries such as Uruguay and Australia. While we use Dutch lamb for our sheep meat, we source our cattle meat from our own private supplier in South Holland. These animals are from the beter leven star animal group, which are subject to regular weekly medical check-ups and are fed with natural food. We also have halal certified chicken and processed chicken products slaughtered in hygienic environments.

In addition to our quality meat and meat products, we also have a range of preservative-free, specially made cheeses, naturally made jams, honey, handmade tomato pastes, special deepfreeze products, legumes and many other natural products.

We Invite You to Our Store

We are waiting for you to visit our store in Eindhoven and have a delicious shopping experience. We are here for any meat product you need! You can always contact us for your questions, suggestions or requests. Thank you for choosing us.

Meat Upp

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