Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your meat come from?

All our meat is halal certified. We also have grainfed steak group meat that we bring from countries such as Uruguay and Australia. While we use Dutch lamb for our sheep meat, we source our cattle meat from our own private supplier in South Holland. These animals are from the beter leven star animal group, which are subject to regular weekly medical check-ups and are fed with natural food. We also have halal certified chicken and processed chicken products slaughtered in hygienic environments. In addition to our quality meat and meat products, specially made cheese varieties that do not contain preservatives, natural jams, honey, handmade tomato paste, special deepfreeze products, legumes and many other natural products. We also have a range of .

Is your meat organic?

Certainly. The only reason MeatUPP does not have the organic quality mark is because we do not use naturally occurring and certified feed. To receive the organic quality mark, cattle must be fed officially organically grown feed that bears the quality mark. Our cattle eat naturally occurring feed where they are currently grazing. So they eat their own mixture of grasses and plants that occur naturally in their environment. This grass is fertilized naturally without the use of artificial fertilizers. In fact, it cannot be purer than an unsprayed meadow. Cows are not fed separately. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers were used. It is best to check on the website or in store what exactly these are. This always has an EKO or EU quality mark on it.

Are the products and meat halal? What exactly is halal?

Yes. All our meat and food are halal. According to Islam, halal means righteous and healthy slaughter. When slaughtering a halal animal, care is taken to ensure that the animal does not suffer unnecessary pain. This is done by a skilled cutter who works with precision and care. This method of slaughter causes unnecessary suffering to the animal. The result is tender and delicious meat of the highest quality. Our halal meat products have been carefully checked and certified by recognized authorities to ensure they comply with stringent halal standards.

Where do you deliver?

All Netherlands. However, please pay attention to the delivery process.

How is the delivery process planned?

It is possible to order via this site. Ordering is simple and fast. We currently deliver throughout the Netherlands and on certain dates. You can see where the regions are and when we will deliver to your region or neighborhood on our SHIPPING page.

How can I pay?

IDEAL, VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and American Express. You can also pay at the door or when picking up from the store. Business customers can pay by invoice. Term: in consultation

What is your account number?

NL89 INGB 0398 4406 62 (Attention Slagerij MAY)

How long can I keep meat after purchasing it?

Beef - Refrigerator: 1-2 days. Frozen: 6 months || Veal - Refrigerator: 1-2 days. Frozen: 3 months || Lamb - Refrigerator: 1-2 days. Frozen food: 3 months || Minced Meat - Refrigerator: 1-2 days. Frozen: 2 months || Cooked meat - Refrigerator: 3-4 days. Frozen: 2 months || Freshly sliced ​​meats - Refrigerator: 2-3 days. Frozen: 2 months || Sliced ​​dry sausage varieties - In the refrigerator: 3-4 days. Frozen: 1 month. || Marinated chicken - Refrigerate: 2-3 days. Frozen: 3 months ||Chicken - Refrigerated: 1-2 days, Frozen: 6 months

There are some dark spots on the meat, what is it?

When the meat slices are cut and placed on top of each other on a serving plate, the color of the meat that is not in direct contact with oxygen becomes distorted. It's getting darker. The meat looks like it's been sitting on the counter for days. A broad misunderstanding. The color change disappears immediately when the glands come into contact with oxygen again. This color change has no effect on quality and shelf life. Its meat can be eaten without any problems.

Can I freeze frozen meat again after roasting it?

After preparing the meat, for example by roasting it, a new product emerges. This can simply be frozen and thawed again.